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Lunch Program

FBCA does not currently have a lunch program, but does offer the opportunity to purchase Chick-fil-A on Mondays and pizza on Fridays (see below).  All scholars are required to bring in their lunches from home.  Students in Middle and High school are allowed to heat up their lunches in the microwaves that are provided.  However, it is not permissible to cook food or a frozen lunch.  Students in Middle and High school are permitted to use the vending machines in the cafeteria during their morning break and lunch period only.  
A Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich will be provided to a student who has forgotten their lunch.  After the 2nd time, a fee of $5 will be assessed for each time the student receives a PB&J in place of a forgotten lunch/snacks.
For the safety of our students with food allergies or diabetes, FBCA requests that there be no sharing of food or utensils.  Families wishing to provide food for class room events are encouraged to check with the teacher regarding special dietary needs of students in the class.  In addition, all food brought from home for class sharing must be store bought versus homemade.