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FBCA uses a mix of Christian curriculum (ABeka, Bob Jones University, and Association of Christian Schools International) in its course offerings. Daily classes include Bible, Science, History, Math, English and PE.  We also offer Advance Placement, Dual Enrollment, FLVS, and Honors classes.


Advance Placement / AP

In order to be admitted to an AP class a student must meet certain prescribed criteria. Students not meeting the criteria may petition to be admitted as a non-qualifier (see section titled Petition to enter the AP Program for Non-Qualifiers below).
A student automatically qualifies for admission to an AP level course at FBCA if that student had a yearly average equal to or greater than an 85 in that discipline for the previous year. The student, and a parent, must also sign the Advanced Placement Explanation document. This document must be returned to the Guidance Office before the student will be enrolled into the AP course.  Any student not meeting the above mentioned criteria for entering the AP course and who desires to enter the program must make a formal application through the Administration. An AP Program Committee composed of the Guidance Office, the AP course instructor, and the Principal will review the applications of non-qualifiers and determine eligibility on a case-by-case basis. The placement decisions of this committee will be considered final.

Dual Enrollment

This is a program that allows high school students to enroll in college courses for credit prior to high school graduation.  We have agreements with Daytona State College and Baptist College of Florida.