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"FBCA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or ethnicity.”

To be considered for admission into First Baptist Christian Academy you must do the following: 
• Schedule a tour with the Registrar. 
• Release records to FBCA for review.
• Schedule a grade level assessment with the Registrar. (Assessments will be administered by the principal. The fee is $25.00 for an assessment time slot. Assessments can be rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance for no additional cost.)
• Complete application and submit birth certificate, current Florida physical, and immunization records.

Applications are accepted for the next school year beginning the month of February for currently enrolled scholars.  The month of March begins open enrollment to the public.  

• VPK students must be four years old by September 1st
• K5 students must be five years old by September 1st
• Students must express a willingness to attend FBCA and must live in accordance with the spiritual, academic, and behavioral standards of FBCA.
• All new scholars, if accepted, are on an 9-week probationary status.

If accepted, an enrollment packet and roster fee must be completed and turned in to hold the student’s spot. 
Spaces are limited, fill up quickly, and are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

FBCA is in session for 180 days each school year and designs its curriculum and programs around full attendance by each student. In the event a student MUST be absent from school, FBCA will assist the family to make up missed work.
Absentee Policy
Excessive absences will affect your students’ academic progress and progression to the next grade. All scholarship students are available for auditing at any time by the scholarship agency in regards to regular attendance. Failure of the audit could result in a loss of the scholarship. Non-scholarship students are also held accountable for excessive absences through our accrediting agency. The following is a list of codes that will be used in accordance with state, FACCS, and scholarship guidelines.
Absence Excused (AE):  Dr. Note Required, No Academic Penalty, does not count to the Maximum 9
Absence Unexcused (AU):  Parent Note Required, No Academic Penalty, counts to the Maximum 9, over 9 student makes up time
Absence Illicit/Skipping (AI):  No Parent or Dr. Note, No make-up of Academic work, counts to the Maximum 9, Includes out of school suspension
Tardy (T):  3 tardies equal an unexcused absence
School Event (SE):  This will be used for field trip and athletic events, does not count to the maximum 9, all work must be made up promptly.
In School Suspension (ISS):  Work is done in school and does not count toward the maximum 9.
Out of School Suspension (OSS):  This will be treated like an Illicit Absence
More than 9 unexcused/illicit absences in a semester can result in a loss of credit, loss of scholarship, or lack of promotion to the next grade level. In grades 7th – 12th attendance and tardies are taken each period.
Students will have one (1) day to make up work for each day missed. Therefore, if a student misses one (1) day, he will have one (1) day after he returns to make up the work. If a student is absent on a day a test is given and had knowledge of the test prior to the absence (or if it was an unannounced quiz), the student should take the test the day he returns. It is the student's responsibility to find out from the classroom teacher what work was missed and to arrange a time to make up the work and the tests when absent for more than one day.


K - 6th Grade:  Navy or Tan Khaki Uniform type pant; may be cotton, cotton blend or polyester blend. (No joggers, jogging pants, sweat pants, yoga or tight pants). Cargo pants are permitted.
7th - 12th:  Due to the College preparatory environment of our Academy, secondary students will be expected to dress in business casual.  Uniform or dress pants and shorts only.  (No joggers, jogging pants, sweat pants, yoga or tight pants). Cargo pants and Cargo shorts are NOT permitted.
Skirts, Jumpers, Skorts – Navy or Tan Khaki; may be cotton, cotton blend or polyester blend; must be knee length or longer. (Blouse with collar must be worn under jumper; shorts must be worn under skirts/jumpers. No leggings unless they are worn under appropriate skirt, skort or dress. Color of leggings must be solid Navy, solid White or solid Tan Khaki). Shorts must be worn under skirt on P.E. days.
Shorts – Navy or Tan/Khaki; must be knee length or longer for boys and girls, cotton, cotton blend or polyester blend. (No gym shorts). Cargo shorts are permitted.
Shirts - White, Black, Navy Blue, or Red plain collared, polo shirts.  Shirts must be tucked into pants, shorts or skirts and belts must be worn at all times.  (Pre-K through 2nd grade no belt required.)
Shoes/Sneakers - must be clean and fit securely on feet. Shoes with open toes or backless shoes (including Crocs, flip flops, sandals, mules and slides) will not be allowed. Shoes must be laced, buckled or Velcro strapped. No heelies or rollers. Sneakers must be worn on P.E. days. Scholars not in proper shoes for P.E. days may be sat out due to safety reasons. 

Outer Wear - Everyday coats and sweaters must be plain (no verbiage or writing) navy, white, red or black. Coats worn to school that are not navy will be stored in the book box or coat rack. K-6th Grade- Girls may wear white cardigan sweaters.  

Undershirts - Any undershirts (i.e. under-armour) worn under uniform shirts and visible must also be White or Navy blue.

Miscellaneous – Boys 
  • Modesty is the key thought in appearance at FBCA. If boys wear jewelry, it should be conservative in style.
  • Boys may only wear one necklace, bracelets and/or rubber style band.
  • Boys are not permitted to wear earrings.
  • Only one ring is allowed.
  • Boys are expected to maintain a conservative, clean looking, tapered haircut.
  • Hair is not to be over the ears or shirt collar and must be above the eyebrows.
  • Hair must be natural in color.
  • Beards and mustaches are not permitted.
  • Shoes are to be tied in the intended manner.
Miscellaneous - Girls
  • Modesty is the key thought in appearance at FBCA.
  • If girls wear jewelry, it should be conservative in style.
  • Earrings are to be restricted to two in each ear.
  • No other visible piercings allowed.
  • Hoop earrings are not to be greater than one inch in diameter or length.
  • No more than two necklaces are to be worn at one time.
  • No sparkle / glitter type of make-up is permitted.
  • Shoes must be tied in the intended manner.
  • Hair must be natural in color.

To request more information

To request more information
  • Contact the Admissions Office

    Phone (336) 446-0094

    or use the form below