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Athletic Director:  Mr. Ian Ham

All athletes must turn in a sports physical before being allowed to participate in practices.

At FBCA, we consider it important for scholars to give their best in anything they attempt to do.  Participating in athletics at FBCA is a privilege; and a scholar must demonstrate that they are putting forth their best effort in academics to be allowed to be part of an athletic team.  The scholar must have an average of at least 70% or better in each of the major subjects and no grades of 59% or lower within a given quarter.  These grades will be checked at four 1/2 week intervals throughout the athletic season.  Should the scholar become ineligible, the scholar will not be allowed to participate in any athletic event beginning on the Monday after the report is posted and continuing through the Monday after the next report is posted.  As a general rule, there will be no averaging between periods to make a student eligible.  Transfer scholars will be evaluated on a weekly basis to determine eligibility prior to the first marking period with final decision to be made by the Principal. 

FBCA is a part of the Florida Independent Christian Athletic Association (FICAA).  Therefore, as a member of the organization, FBCA athletes must meet the eligibility standards set by FICAA.  All student athletes must maintain a cumulative 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 un-weighted scale through the end of the previous semester, as required by Florida Statutes.  This GPA must include all courses taken since the student entered high school.  For sixth-graders, seventh-graders, and eighth-graders, the student must have been regularly promoted from the previous grade, carry a normal class load, do satisfactory classroom work and maintain a satisfactory conduct record.  Any student not maintaining the appropriate 2.0 cumulative average for a semester will be academically ineligible for the next full semester (18 weeks).  In addition to the FICAA regulations, FBCA requires our student athletes to maintain a current and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to remain eligible for sports.