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  Name Title
Dean Allman Allman, Dean MS/HS Teacher
Mary Allman Allman, Mary Secondary Principal
Corey Banks Banks, Corey 1st Grade Teacher
Debi Bond Bond, Debi Maintenance Coord.
Christopher Calderwood Calderwood, Christopher MS/HS Teacher
Marty Calderwood Calderwood, Marty FLVS Monitor
Nicole Crouse Crouse, Nicole 4th Grade Teacher
Diana Dallorto Dallorto, Diana VPK Teacher
Bob Drewes Drewes, Bob PE Teacher
William Eldredge Eldredge, William MS/HS Teacher
Sandy Emery Emery, Sandy Preschool Director
Elizabeth Fint Fint, Elizabeth MS/HS Teacher
Stephanie Freeland Freeland, Stephanie
Teresa Freeman Freeman, Teresa 2nd Grade Teacher
Amanda Fry Fry, Amanda 5th Grade Teacher
Ian Ham Ham, Ian Athletic Director / MS/HS Teacher
Paul Haren Haren, Paul 3rd Grade Teacher
Katie Harper Harper, Katie 1st Grade Teacher
Diane Harris Harris, Diane 3rd Grade Teacher
Shawn Harris Harris, Shawn MS/HS Teacher
Karole Hernandez Hernandez, Karole MS/HS Teacher
Holly Herne Herne, Holly Front Desk/Reception
Delilah Herrera Herrera, Delilah PE Assistant Teacher
Nate Hesselink Hesselink, Nate 6th Grade Teacher
Cindy Hopfe Hopfe, Cindy Music Asst.
Cathy Jones Jones, Cathy MS/HS Teacher
Jessica Kendra Kendra, Jessica Elementary Principal
Kevin Lautar Lautar, Kevin Interim Head of School
Neza Mahadeo Mahadeo, Neza 4th Grade Teacher
Joan Markle Markle, Joan 5th Grade Teacher
Jeremiah Marschka Marschka, Jeremiah MS/HS Teacher
Alan Mast Mast, Alan MS/HS Teacher
April McHone McHone, April
Tami Meyer Meyer, Tami Music Teacher
Gennaly Nigro Nigro, Gennaly Preschool Teacher
JoLyn Robinson Robinson, JoLyn VPK Teacher
Rick Robinson Robinson, Rick Elementary Classroom Aide
Nilda Rodriguez Rodriguez, Nilda 4th Grade Teacher
Paul Snow Snow, Paul School Security
Kara Spindle Spindle, Kara MS/HS Teacher
Diane Stade Stade, Diane VPK Teacher
Kris Starrett Starrett, Kris ESE Teacher
Stephanie Sumler Sumler, Stephanie Asst. A.D. / MS / HS Teacher
Dusty Thomas Thomas, Dusty 6th Grade Teacher
Mary Thoubboron Thoubboron, Mary Student Services
Toni Titus Titus, Toni 2-Year-Old Teacher
Maria Toscano Toscano, Maria Nursery Teacher
Bryanna Trunk Trunk, Bryanna Registrar / Finance
Bryanna Trunk Trunk, Bryanna
Christina Udell Udell, Christina Kindergarten Teacher
Rick Walsh Walsh, Rick MS/HS Teacher
Susan Wanerka Wanerka, Susan VPK Teacher
Bob Whiston Whiston, Bob
Shea Whitley Whitley, Shea Food Service / Library
Linda Wolfson Wolfson, Linda ESE Teacher
Heidi Wright Wright, Heidi Kindergarten Teacher
Caleb Young Young, Caleb

All employees are offered CEU credits through regular FBCA training opportunities.

“In accordance with the Florida Ethics in Education Act” all employees of First Baptist Christian Academy have a duty to report all suspected or actual cases of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect, have immunity from liability if they report such cases in good faith and have a duty to comply with child protective investigations. There is a legal penalty for not reporting suspected or alleged child abuse or alleged misconduct by instructional personnel or school administrators. The Florida Abuse Hotline is 1-800-962-2873. The FBCA Contact is the interim head of school – Pastor Kevin Lautar.  How to Report Abuse, click here.