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“Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.” Mark 10:43 (NIV) 

Community Service of 25 hours per year is required of all students in grades 9 – 12. FBCA will give some opportunities to accrue service hours. However, students must also look for service opportunities within the community that is not promoted through the school.

FBCA has a responsibility to fully educate each scholar and to prepare each individual, the best we can, for a productive future in our society.  Post high school environments, whether it is college or career, evaluate a graduate on many areas of merit.  Colleges and scholarship committees no longer consider only grades and test scores -- they also consider total community involvement.  Organizations and review committees want to see several hundred hours of community service projects or volunteer hours in a number of areas.

Therefore, FBCA has established the following guidelines for the Community Service / Volunteer Hours program:

• Each student should select a community service or non-profit organization. Please see the Flagler County Community Service webpage for more information. 
• Community service hours may be completed throughout the year. Hours should be submitted to the office no later than May 15 for each school year. Summer hours will show in the next academic year.
• All hours must be on a volunteer basis and should not be directed to serve only a family member. 
• Each completed project must be recorded on the FBCA Community Service form. 

Service hours will be monitored and compiled by FBCA staff. A report of a student’s service hours will be available on Renweb.